World Breast Feeding Week 2018


1.         Rally  at 1st Gate, Raghunath Mandir

A Rally was organized form Raghunath Mandir to Golapalli Sahi at 7.30 A.M. on 01.08.2018 in which around 150 Anganwadi Workers, ASHA participated with slogans in Odia, Displaying banners and posters regarding breast feeding and its importance.

            2.         On 02.08.2018

                        Sensitization of mothers at SNCU, Department of Pediatrics regarding Breast feeding and health of both baby and mothers. Prof. & HOD Dr. Niranjan Mohanty and other faculties, staff nurses sensitized the mothers about the programme and beneficial effect of breast feeding.

            3.         At A.N.M. Training Centre, attached to City Hospital, Berhampur

                        A meeting was held to sensitize students and faculties of the centre.  Students perform manoaction, role play about the health benefits to the baby and mother and about breast feeding, complementary feeding.  Dr. Saroj Kumar Barma, Dr. B.K. Panigrahy, Dr. U.S. Murty, Dr. Budhia Majhi and Principal, A.N.M. Centre, Berhampur Mrs. Madhumati Majhi participated.

            4.         A meeting was held at the Community Hall of Baurisahi village followed by Rally around the village by Students of Nursing School, M.K.C.G. Medical College, Berhampur. Dr. Saroj Kumar Barma and Dr. Budhia Majhi and faculties of Nursing School participated. Pregnant women, lactating mothers  and elderly ladies and children participated in the meeting.

            5.         A meeting followed by Rally was organized at Sub-Divisional Hospital, Bhanjanagar. The S.D.M.O. Dr. P.C. Gouda, Pediatric Specialist, Dr. Bhagaban Sahu, C.D.P.O., Anganwadi Workers and ANMs participated in the rally with slogans in Odia and posters demonstrating for health benefits of breast feeding.

                        *Dr. Sunil Kumar Agarwala, Member, Executive Body, IAP Ganjam Branch deliberated in Door Darshan Odia Channel which was televised throughout Odisha

                        *Leaflets were distributed to the public in the rallies.


            1.         People of the  Golapalli Sahi  with about 500 households were made aware of the breast feeding week celebration and beneficial effects of exclusive breast feeding, complementary feeding and harmful effects top feeds.

            2.         Around 200 puerperal mothers whose babies admitted to the SNCU were sensitized regarding benefits of breast feeding, positioning and attachment, maternal health and nutrition and care of newborn babies.

            3.         At ANM training centre, City Hospital about 100 students and 15 faculties were made aware of the programme and benefits of exclusive of breast feeding.

            4.         The villagers of Baurisahi participated in large number in the meeting and followed by rally around the village in spite of intermittent rain.  The students of B.Sc. Nursing Students held play cards with chanting slogans of the beneficial of the breast feedings in the rally.

            5.         The rally at Bhanjanagar was a huge success were SDMO himself along with Pediatric Specialists, CDPO and Anganwadi Workers.  Around 1000 households and public visiting the hospital were sensitized about the world Breast Feeding week celebration and benefits of exclusive breast feeding.

                        *The whole of the Odisha watched through television about the breast feeding week and benefits of exclusive breastfeeding to the baby, mother, family and the society as a whole.

                        *Awareness of masses more than 1000 through leaflet distribution.